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Did you know that only 5% of clothing sold in Australia is made locally, or that 85% of Australians are willing to pay more for Australian-made products.


Let’s take a look at why it’s good to help support Australian Made products & Aussie business.


  1. Economic benefits:

Supporting local businesses and keeping jobs in Australia. Buying Australian-made products helps to reduce our reliance on imports and strengthens the Australian economy.

  1. Quality assurance:

Australian-made products are known for their quality and reliability, and how they often undergo strict testing and certification processes. This can give you peace of mind to feel more confident in your purchases.

  1. Environmental benefits:

Buying Australian-made products can be more environmentally friendly, as they often have a lower carbon footprint than products that have been imported from overseas. This is because they don't need to be transported as far, which can reduce emissions from transportation.

  1. Social benefits:

Buying Australian-made products can have social benefits, such as supporting local communities and promoting ethical production practices. Some Australian-made products are made by social enterprises that provide support and training for disadvantaged people or have a positive impact on indigenous communities & support cultural preservation.


Comment and let us know your favourite Aussie Made products??

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