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We all love a multi step skincare routine, but are your steps destined for skin success?

Are you an avid follower of the Korean 10-step skincare routine? Or a more simple cleanse, tone and moisturize kinda gal? Whatever your daily habits when it comes to your beauty routine, no matter your age or skin type, the first step to a fresh, youthful glow starts on the inside.

Read our tips below to ensure your skincare steps are in fact, correct...

Support your skin from the inside with a supplement.

Eating healthily and drinking lots of water are of course vital for getting the vitamins and minerals you need, but for most people it’s not quite enough. Many of the nutrients in your diet are robbed by stress, alcohol, coffee and sugar after they enter the body, plus how you prepare certain foods also has a big impact on whether or not your body is actually able to absorb all the goodness they offer. So by adding quality supplements to your daily routine, your skin health is supported at a cellular level.

Always protect your skin from the sun. ALWAYS.

UV damage is one of the biggest factors in premature ageing skin and even in cooler weather and on cloudy days the sun’s rays can still harm you. As well as always wearing a high SPF and covering up to protect your skin from the elements, boosting your intake of antioxidants like Zinc, Vitamin C, and Riboflavin (B2) can help you fight free radical damage caused by the sun, air pollution and every day environmental toxins.

Your precious skin can be dried out and irritated by air conditioning in summer and heating in winter so an increase in Essential Fatty Acids can help restore balance and moisture to skin, particularly Evening Primrose Oil which is known to help with dry and itchy skin conditions.

Get moving!

We all know how important exercise is for keeping healthy but how does this affect skin, hair and nails? Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the entire body, including skin cells, so anything that increases blood flow and healthy circulation will help nourish and renew skin cells whilst encouraging healthy growth of hair and nails. Zinc can not only lend a helping hand in the regeneration of skin, but along with Thiamine (which also supports heart health) Riboflavin and Pantothenic Acid, this super star team work to support energy levels and assist the metabolism of Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein. Glow Getter contains these ingredients so think of this supplement as your gym buddy as well as your go to Beauty Booster for hair, skin and nails. Not just a pretty face hey!

Don’t worry, be happy.

Many studies have shown that chronic stress can have a negative impact on your health and accelerate the ageing process, so take time out every day to do something for you , relax and just see how you glow! Exercise has been shown to ease stress, but if pounding the pavement or hitting the gym isn’t your thing, try yoga, or a relaxing walk. Meditation, socialising with friends or even a Netflix binge, if it makes you happy do it! Stress and Anxiety can cause the adrenal glands to produce excess cortisol, contributing to hormonal imbalances which sometimes lead to breakouts, rashes and a host of other skin issues. Iodine has been proven to support healthy hormones and a boost of Pantothenic Acid (B5) helps the synthesis of neurotransmitters, supporting the nervous system function and helping the body to cope with environmental stress. And of course who doesn’t look beautiful when they’re wearing a huge smile?